Types of building inspections and which one you should choose

Buying a house is exciting, but also often comes with a lot of stress. One big worry that buyers often have is whether they are getting a good deal and a good quality house. No one wants to buy a house just to later find out that it needs a few repairs or renovations. By getting a house inspection done on the property, this stress can be alleviated. There are several options for getting a house inspected that cover anything possibly needed. The following inspections listed come under the category of a ‘pre-purchase inspection’, and once completed, any damage on any areas of the house will be made known. If you decide to get an inspection done on the house you are considering purchasing, you are ensuring that there will be no surprises.

Interior inspection

An interior inspection covers the following;

·     Walls and interior vents

·     Kitchen and pantry (+ fittings)

·     Doors, door frames and door fittings

·     Ceilings

·     Floors, skirting and floor coverings

·     Bathrooms and toilets

·     Laundry

·     Stairs

·     Paint work

Though some of these areas can be inspected by anyone who isn’t a professional, it is very common to miss spots that may cause issues in the future. By hiring a professional, you ensure that nothing on the interior of the house will be missed. Problems often missed include dampness in walls, poor drainage or leaking pipes. Problems that have been covered up are hard to spot, but that is exactly what we do.

Exterior Inspection

An exterior inspection covers the following; 

·     Vents

·     Stairs and railings

·     Balconies, verandahs and patios

·     Outdoor areas

·     Decking paint work 

·     Walls

·     Brickwork and Timber cladding

An exterior inspection on a property can not only inform you of existing issues, but also tell you if you should expect there to be exterior problems in the future.

Roof Inspection

A roof inspection can cover both the interior and exterior of your roof. The roof will be inspected in the following areas:


·     Insulation

·     Roof framing


·     Chimney

·     Paint

·     Eave lining

·     Guttering and pipes

By getting a thorough inspection done on your roof, you are ensuring to uncover any problems that are hidden within the roof. Damage to roof tiles are easily spotted, it’s the damage underneath that should be paid attention to, as this has the potential to cause significant issues. An inspector will find any of these issues, and you will not need to think twice about the stability of your roof

Sub-floor areas

Sub-floor areas are essentially the areas below your floor, often overlooked. An inspection done on these areas covers the following;

·     Flooring

·     Pests

·     Ventilation

Depending on the house getting inspected, we will provide a personalised inspection with the house’s specific needs in mind. Below the floor may be a hiding spot for pests, or possibly contain water damage from slow leaks. It is important to get these sub-floor areas inspected to ensure the structural integrity of the house remains safe and of good quality.

The Property

Getting an inspection on the whole property includes areas such as;

·     Retaining walls

·     Driveways and paths

·     Fencing surface drainage

·     Pools

·     Garages or sheds

·     Water tanks

By inspecting the property, you can rest assured that all damage- if any- will be found. If the property has bad drainage, the foundation of your building may be damp, which results in further issues. It is best to hire a house inspector to notice any issues, big or small.

All of our pre-purchase inspections are conducted by a fully licensed, and experienced builder who has an abundance of knowledge. This knowledge ensures the inspection process goes smoothly, and allows the potential buyer of the property to feel confident in their decision.

Pest and Termite Inspections

Pest Inspect Australia works closely alongside House Inspect Australia with licensed professionals in the business.  These professionals will complete a visual pest and termite inspection which determines any areas on the property that are accessible for pests, and then provide a report detailing any findings. 

Termites cause a lot of damage on properties, sometimes causing irreversible structural damage that doesn’t get noticed until it’s too late. We greatly recommend getting a pest and termite inspection done to inspect if any damage has already been done to the property. It is best to get this inspection done ASAP, before the damage has the chance to cause issues.

Building Stage Inspections

We strongly recommend that you get regular inspections done on your property during construction, to ensure the building process goes ahead smoothly, and your building is getting quality construction done. Getting inspections done at certain stages of your property being built ensures that the work done on the property is not defective or compromised. The inspections we recommend are in stages, and are as follows; handover inspection, footing inspection, slab inspection, frame inspection, lock-up inspection, and then once more after completion, to determine if anything needs fixing. For more details on these stages of this inspection process, visit the ‘Building Stage Inspections’ page on our website.

Whether you are building a house, moving into a new one, or preparing to sell, it is important to get inspections done on your house. It is necessary to stay on top of potential areas for damage so that you can catch small issues before they turn into larger issues.