What should you expect from a pre-purchase building inspection

The decision to purchase a new home or office/workspace can be daunting for some. There are many aspects to consider including saving for a deposit, applying for a loan and obtaining insurance. With all these areas to consider and more, how can you determine if the building is right for you? The first area you should prioritise before signing any contract is to obtain a pre-purchase building inspection. A pre-purchase building inspection will help you evaluate the current condition of the house or building in order to determine whether it is worth the value the vendor is asking for and if there are any structural issues you should be aware of. So what should you expect from a pre-purchase building inspection?


When utilising a house inspection company to assist you in evaluating a home or building, you should always expect a professional inspection to be undertaken by  fully insured and licenced inspectors.  The state of the property you are looking at purchasing must be assessed by a qualified inspector in order for an accurate report to be provided. There are many underqualified inspectors in the building industry, providing poor quality reports which provide absolutely no benefit to their customer, costing them more money in the long run.  You should expect a professional inspector, who is honest and willing to provide evidence of their qualifications. Always remember not all builders are qualified building inspectors and are not trained to assess aspects of the building you are looking to purchase. Do your research and ensure you are working with a reputable company to guarantee your peace of mind. 


With every pre-purchase building inspection you should obtain thorough and detailed reporting for each room and area. This will help you understand where exactly all underlying issues are located and how detrimental they are to the building overall. The report should be clear, easy to read and indicative of how significant the findings are and what should be attended to first. You should also receive an analysis of the building overall and whether or not the building you are interested in is a worthwhile investment. Without a detailed report, you may be unaware of significant damage the building may have or a potential safety risk which could cost you thousands to fix. Always expect a detailed report from your building inspector. 


When seeking the assistance of a pre-purchase building inspector, you should expect a fast turn-around time and a precise report. At House Inspect Australia, we will ensure to have your report back to you before the end of your cooling off period or nominated contract period. This ensures you have all the findings you need to make an informed decision and either proceed with the purchase, negotiate a more suitable price or look elsewhere. You shouldn’t have to repeatedly follow up with your building inspector to obtain the report. A good building inspector will have a thorough report sent to you when you need it. When investing time and money into a pre-purchase building inspection, always expect a suitable turn-around time. 

At House Inspect Australia, it is our priority to ensure an outstanding inspection is conducted every single time. Unfortunately, within our industry, there are many other organisations who do not offer the same standard of practice and leave a burden on their clients. You should always have expectations when choosing a building inspector and never settle for less. For a reliable, honest and efficient pre-purchase building inspection, contact the team at House Inspect Australia today.