How To Avoid Dodgy Building Inspectors

The single most important thing to do when selecting a building inspector is to check for a valid builder’s license! You wouldn’t receive legal advice from someone not practicing as a lawyer, so why would you take building advise from someone who isn’t a qualified building inspector?!

What To Do
Thankfully there is an easy way to confirm whether someone has a building license. Just simply ask for their credentials, BUT, don’t stop there, ensure you investigate closely and turn their card over so you can read the conditions of the license. This is to confirm if they are indeed qualified and knowledgeable to undertake an inspection. A word of caution, don’t take their word for it as many people in this industry have deceptive tactics. Additionally, there is a Government run online database that you can utilise to double check the legitimacy of a license.

Click here and follow the prompts to submit your license search.

Why Do It
Unfortunately, this process might feel awkward or uncomfortable, however, it is crucial! As there are many building inspection operations being run with unqualified building inspectors that are giving advice and signing off on properties that could be littered with issues, missed by the untrained eye. So don’t take any chances, only rely on a qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable inspector.

Alternative Solution
The team at House Inspect Australia are licensed inspectors with the correct and up to date licensing as well as host additional and on going trainings sessions for all of our franchisees. Additionally, we hold our employees and franchisees to an incredibly high standard because we know just how important our role is in your property journey. So, rest assured, you’re getting the best service and result in Australia.