Mike Pearl’s Top 3 Tips For Buying A House

1 – Be practical and realistic. 
Don’t purchase a house based on emotions. Buying a house is the biggest purchase of your life so although it’s hard to put aside the emotion of it, it’s also really important. It might look like the dream house you’ve always wanted but do your due diligence, check it out and make sure that it truly is a dream house now and will stay that way in the future.

2 – Do your research. 
Just because your mate or someone at a barbecue says that “it’s a great area and that’s cheap”, make sure you take that information and still go off and do your research. You have got to make informed decisions when you’re spending that amount of money and research is crucial.

3 – Get it inspected. 
People every single day buy a second hand car for $10,000 and then spend $200 for a mechanic to inspect it. If you’re about to invest in the biggest purchase of your life than you definitely want to get it inspected! If we’re looking at the percentage of a car inspection to car purchasing ratio, and then compare that with a house inspection to house purchasing ratio – then a house inspection truly is a cheap insurance!

We can assist with a pre-purchase home inspection for your home anywhere across South Australia & New South Wales. Give us a call today to see how we can help!

Mike Pearl – House Inspect Australia