What are builder defect inspections?

Essentially, on new constructions, we’ll come and have a look at the finished product before handover. It is also known as a handover inspection. We just go through and make sure that everything is right and that it’s built to the standard that it should be. It works both ways. Often people will have things that they don’t like, but the builder will say that that’s what it is and a lot of the times it is built to code. So, we come and do an inspection and make sure everything is built to code so that both parties know where they stand. We will comment on things and say to the owner, and the builder, that this is what the code is, so you have to do that. For example: “Builder, you have to fix that up” and “Owner, I know you don’t like it, but it’s built to code, so the builder doesn’t have to do anything about it”. It’s really being that middle man to come to a solution or a conclusion that everyone’s happy with. Mike Pearl – House Inspect Australia.