Whether you’re looking at buying a new home or a new office space, having a pre-purchase building inspection and pest inspection conducted is crucial. As most of us are aware, purchasing a property is one of the biggest financial commitments we can make in our lifetime and so the wisest thing you can do is to have the building inspected. A building inspector and pest inspector can help you to fully understand the condition of the property, as they often see areas you can’t. If you are hiring a building inspector to conduct a pre-purchase building inspection and pest inspection in Adelaide, here are some things you should expect. 


By having a pre-purchase building inspection completed, you can solidify the work which has been conducted by any builders or tradesmen. This will ensure that the property is of a high standard structurally and can expose any defects made by previous builders. You can ensure if there are any defects detected that those responsible will be held accountable and you can avoid encountering any unwanted surprises. By having the guidance of a building inspector, you have a licensed, qualified and experienced professional by your side, to provide advice and save you from purchasing a building riddled with defects. 


Your building inspector and pest inspector should be licensed and qualified to inspect commercial and domestic structures, adhering to all standards and regulations relevant to your state as well as Australia as a whole. The strict regulations enforced assist property buyers, builders and sellers to obtain the best possible outcome. By hiring a qualified building inspector and pest inspector with an in-depth knowledge of building standards and regulations, you have reassurance that the property you are purchasing coincides with all its legal obligations. Always ensure to ask your building inspector about their licensing and qualifications, as not all building inspectors are licensed and have sufficient expertise to assist you. Particularity considering you don’t need to have a license to be a building inspector. 


After an inspection has been conducted, you should expect to receive a detailed report which states the condition of the building both inside and outside and the status of any pest activity. Within the report you will find information relating to any defects of the building which have been uncovered and if there are any active pests. This may include the condition of the roof, any ceiling leaks, wall cracks, mould and much more. A detailed report provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.. At House Inspect Australia we have licensed and qualified building inspectors and pest inspectors, so you will receive two detailed reports from subject matter experts in their field. 


Above all, the most important factor behind having a pre-purchase building inspection and pest inspection conducted is to guarantee the safety of the property. Your building inspector should be a licensed builder s who adheres to the Australian Inspection Standards. This also applies to your pest inspector. By having extensive industry experience, they can both ensure the property you are purchasing meets all the required standards and is absolutely safe to reside in. Without having an inspection conducted, you have minimal understanding of the structural safety of the home and the areas you should be concerned about. Your safety should be the number 1 priority of all building inspectors. 

By acquiring the assistance of a licensed and qualified building inspector and pest inspector, you can obtain expert advice in order to move forward comfortably with your purchase. At House Inspect Australia, we have licensed and experienced building inspectors and pest inspectors and we want you to feel confident in knowing you’re making the right decision in purchasing your new home or investment. If you’re considering buying a property in Adelaide, give our team at House Inspect Australia a call today on 1800 442 878 to find out how we can help.