Purchasing a new home or property is an incredibly exciting time and is a major financial commitment.  It is important to have reassurance that the building you are purchasing is in fact worth the value it is listed for and won’t leave you with any future headaches or financial burdens. In order to protect yourself from buying a property which is riddled with hidden defects and safety concerns, it is crucial to have a pre-purchase building inspection conducted. A pre-purchase building inspection will assist with identifying any issues relating to the structure of the building and any repairs which need to be made. By neglecting to have an inspection conducted, you are essentially vulnerable to the potential risks which come with purchasing a new home or property. Guarantee the structural safety of the building and save yourself money in the long run by covering all bases of the building.

Before you sign any contracts, it is vital you understand exactly what the purpose of pre-purchase building inspections are and why you need them. 


All buildings in Australia must be built in compliance with the Australian Building standards and codes. The standards were enforced to ensure the quality and safety of all homes and businesses, as well as those who reside within them. If there has been work conducted on a building which does not adhere to the standards, the builder or workman can be held accountable for their actions. However, once you sign the contract for a building, it is your responsibility to ensure it meets the standards. As licenced building inspectors, we are aware of all the Australian Building standards such as AS 4349-2007 which was enforced to identify any structural faults of a property. This protects buyers from purchasing a building which is structurally unsafe and beyond repair. At House Inspect Australia we can help you make informed decisions about the property you are considering purchasing.  


A pre-purchase inspection will identify any major structural defects, safety hazards or minor maintenance defects, informing the potential buyer where they are and what is necessary to have them fixed.  Once you receive your pre-purchase building report, you can make note of the areas which may devalue the overall cost of the home. This can benefit you when making an offer to purchase the property. In some instances, the seller may be unaware of the defaults themselves so having a building inspection conducted assists both the seller and the buyer in evaluating the building and knowing its overall worth. Without having a licenced building inspector conduct a pre-purchase inspection on the property you are interested in buying, you could be outlaying more money than you should for a building which isn’t worth the asking price. You eliminate the risk of losing money in the long term and guarantee the property you are purchasing, is safe and meets all building standards and codes. 

One of the greatest reasons people have building inspections conducted, is to guarantee their peace of mind and ensure they aren’t spending a significant amount of money on a building which isn’t worth the value. By being aware of what lays beneath the outer layers of the home, you can make an informed decision with the guidance of an experienced building inspector. At House Inspect Australia, our expert building inspectors are certified and fully insured to provide you with the best advice possible. Book your pre-purchase property inspection today at https://houseinspectaustralia.com.au/booking