Purchasing a property or home can be both an exciting and nerve-racking period of time. In an ideal world we all dream about having a smooth purchasing process, with no hiccups along the way, however this isn’t always reality and sometimes problems do arise. In order to avoid purchasing a building which is riddled with hidden defects which may result in long-term financial hardship, hiring a building inspector is crucial. They will examine the building and inform you of any concerning areas. A licenced building inspector will view the property to ensure there are no structural defects or potential safety hazards. Most building inspectors often have previous experience as builders and know the ins and outs of the industry. After your building inspection you will receive a detailed report from the building inspector which provides you with an insight into how your building currently stands and what your concerns should be. You will also be informed on what must be urgently attended to and what is still necessary to fix but perhaps isn’t as urgent. The price of a building inspection Adelaide will vary depending on a variety of factors.

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Why have a building inspection?

Having a building inspection will provide you with peace of mind knowing there are no hidden surprises lurking after purchasing your new home or property. A building inspection covers all areas of the building including the plumbing, roofs, framework, walls, ceilings etc. They are able to cover areas you may not be able to reach safely and due to their industry experience, can identify issues before they worsen. By having a pre-purchase building inspection conducted before you proceed with the buying process, you can determine whether or not the home is worth the value and if there are any concerns you were not informed of. You can also have a building inspection conducted if you are in the process of selling a home to ensure there are no additional concerns which may deter someone from buying the property. It is also recommended to have a building inspection conducted on your home regardless of whether or not you are selling or buying. This ensures you and any other home occupants are living in a safe environment. 

How much is a building inspection cost in Adelaide?

The price of a building inspection in Adelaide will always vary depending on a number of circumstantial factors. Most building inspectors will be able to provide a quote depending on these areas. Potentially the biggest factor influencing price is the qualification of the building inspector. Unfortunately, there are many building inspectors operating without an appropriate licence, this means they are able to charge minimal costs to inspect a building. You simply cannot cut corners with a building inspection and if you opt for a ‘cheap’ building inspection, you can almost guarantee to be outlaying more money in the long run. When you are conducting market research in attempt to find a reputable building inspector, always ask if they are a qualified building inspector and to provide details of their licence. 

The structural complexity of the building may also impact the cost of your building inspection. Building inspections which require testing for pests such as termites, or even mould may have additional fees and if the inspection requires outside assistance from a tradesman in another field, this could result in additional fees. The location of your property will also impact the cost as metropolitan and rural inspections often vary.  

When purchasing a home or property, the smartest step you can take is to have a pre-purchase inspection conducted. Although it is an additional cost, it will save you time and money in the long run, if safety or pest hazards do arise. It’s important to research a variety of building inspection companies, read reviews and ask for their qualifications.  Remember to not to simply hire an inspector because they offer the cheapest prices. With building inspections, safety is a top priority and you must ensure they are conducting a thorough inspection, to indicate all areas that could potentially be a hazard. If you are seeking a quote for a building inspection, contact the team at House Inspect Australia today on 1800 442 878.