The Importance Of Progress Stage Inspections

If you’re building a new home, adding an extension or undergoing a renovation then part of your contract will say that at milestones throughout that building progress there will be payments that need to be made. 

If we are talking about a new house then it’s generally the footing, the wall and roof frame, the brickwork and roof cover, your interior linings and so-forth. Each one of these represent a percent of contract value, so if you look at wall and roof frame, that’s 20% of your contract value so for a $300,000 build that’s a $60,000 payment. 

Let’s just check in a Progress Stage Inspection that first of all your builder has done the work (as just because they’ve sent an invoice doesn’t mean that it has been done).

Let’s check that it’s been done correctly and it has been done to code.

It’s much easier to fix it now than to fix it down the track

 Mike Pearl- House Inspect Australia