Termites: How do you spot them and what do you need to know about termites?

One in three houses in South Australia has issues with termite attacks. The average household spends $800 per year on maintenance from termite attacks but it’s just something that we’re all really lax about. We can’t see it, so it’s not there.

We’ve had houses that we’ve spent $30,000 – $40,000 repairing the damage because they didn’t spend $400 on a pre purchase pest inspection. 

I use a company called All State Pest Controls because they’re the experts. They do all my termite treatments for me. Vasili, the owner, is actually the trainer for South Australia. He trains the best pest inspectors. They do a report, they put together a maintenance plan, they quote what work needs to be done and they give you a quote for ongoing termite control. 

Don’t let termites sneak up on you – Get the right advice from the building and pest inspection experts.

Mike Pearl – House Inspect Australia