How Does a House Inspection Work?

With House Inspect Australia it’s really easy.

People generally make contact with us.  They’ll tell us that they’ve bought a house or they’ve got a problem with the builder, whatever the case might be. We ask you the questions so that we can get all the information we need so that we can take over. Meaning you don’t have to deal with the stress. 

The only things we need from you is to send us a text message or an email with your contact details, your builder’s contact details, your real estate agent’s and the property address.  Then you leave it with us and we’ll deal with it.

We ring up the builder, the agent, whatever, we make a time and book it in. Then, we send you back an email or a message saying “Hi, it’s Mike, your inspection’s booked in. It’s this day, at this time. I’m doing it with this person”

Then, we just get it done.

Meaning you can get on with your day and let us handle the problem. 

Mike Pearl – House Inspect Australia