How is House Inspect Australia changing the game in the housing inspection industry?

House Inspect Australia is changing the game in the housing industry. This is because everyone that works for HIA comes from a building background.

We are all builders, carpenters, stonemasons ect. We’re all from that industry therefore, we know the ins and out of the trade. We’re not someone that’s decided that they want to become a building inspector, print out a business card and off they go. We haven’t done a two-day course, which can be done to become a building inspector. We look at it from a builders background. 

This means we understand the construction and terminology that builders use. We know the trade so we can make sure you are getting what you paid for as we understand the way that some of the larger builders might try and cut corners, you know, bend the rules, not break them, but bend them.

We pride ourselves on making it all very clear and transparent for the purchaser or owner. Whatever they’re doing we simplify it so you understand it.

We give you all the facts so you can understand what you’re spending $10,000, $100,000, $300,000, a million dollars on.

We simplify it.

Mike Pearl- House Inspect Australia