Whats worse than a crawling termite? A FLYING one! 

TERMITES cause billions of dollars in damage each year. This is achieved by their sneaky tactics of hiding away and wreaking havoc from the inside out resulting in them not being found until significant damage has already been done. This is why preventative measures are vital in securing your home from these destructive pests.

So even though you might feel a sense of certainty that termites are not a current issue for you, please keep in mind that as we approach summer, termite swarming season begins and these destructive pests will start to pop-up all around the country. No house is safe.

So what is swarming season? Termites use the swarming season to go in search of a new location to establish a fresh colony. But this isn’t a job for any ordinary termite, this is the role for termites known as Alates. Alates have the ability to fly and also reproduce in mass, making them a scary proposition for property owners.  

Signs to look out for;

  • Floor or ceiling damage
  • Deformed walls
  • Stuck doors and windows 
  • Power issues and short circuiting
  • Mud tubes

Where termites can be located;

  • Wood or cellulose-based including lumber, firewood and more.
  • Roof cavities and crawl spaces
  • Flooring and substructures 
  • Warm, dark places that are undisturbed
  • They also thrive in moist soil, especially around plumbing works 

We recommend not leaving it to chance as a termite infestation can lead to catastrophic consequences. House Inspect Australia’s team of experienced technicians know all the termite hunting and prevention tricks, so you can rest assured that if you have them, we will find them. 

Our Pest Inspections
Pest Inspect Australia works closely alongside House Inspect Australia who are all licensed professionals in the business. Our pest professionals will complete a visual pest inspection which determines any areas on the property that are accessible for pests, and then provide a report detailing any findings.