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The Suburb of Woodville Located North of the Adelaide CBD was established in the mid 19th century with european settlers. The area is home to 2,207 residents with much of the architecture in the area from early colonial and federation times. St Margaret's Anglican church created in 1856 is one of the major features of the area, mainly due to it’s limestone build and longevity in the area.

Woodville has many buildings that have been around for a while, as such, House Inspect Australia is passionate about working with residents to help with any issues they may find with their homes or to conduct a pre-purchase building inspection, to ensure the safety of their home .

Pre-Purchasing Inspection Woodville:

Pre-Purchasing a home can be a stressful event as you want to know the house you are buying is safe and does not have any dangerous faults. House Inspect Australia wants to provide potential customers with house inspectors that can give you a detailed survey of your home to ensure that it is safe for you to live in. Our Inspection team will go through your home, both internally and externally, identifying any issue with the roof structure and ensure the condition of your driveway and plumbing are to standard. We want to also provide you the opportunity to have your house tested for any evidence of contamination that may be present and become a safety risk to you. To our woodville residence, House Inspect Australia is offering you a chance to have any pre-purchase home inspected, to ensure that it is compliant and safe for you to live in. Do not hesitate to reach out to our professional team.

Build Inspection Woodville:

Our build inspection team is equipped with a wide range of knowledge and are trained to be able to inspect any potential issues that your home may possess. Our inspectors look to provide inspection services on pre-purchase inspection, construction, renovation and warranty inspections, progress stage inspections, meth inspections/testing, building defects, and pests inspections. We want to ensure to our clients that we are qualified and highly experienced in all these areas and will provide you with a concise and detailed overview of our findings. Woodville residents, if you are in need of an inspection of your home, we are more than ready to assist you in providing you with our expertises and services.

Pest Inspection Woodville:

Our building inspectors are able to provide a variety of inspections, including a visual pest inspection. Pests can cause major structural issues for homes that can compromise the safety of the property and make the value of the home devalue, hurting its potential sales price. We will provide a visual house inspection that will note and detail any issues or activity we find on your property. We also conduct a termite inspection as termites are very hard to spot and their damage can remain unseen until it's too late. Our inspectors are highly knowledgeable and are equipped to know all pests and their behaviours, where to look for them and identify what damage they may have caused. Woodville residents are welcome to reach out and  allow one of our inspectors to provide a pest inspection that can help identify any pests activity on their property.

Stage Inspection Woodville:

If Woodville residents are in need of an independent inspector to assist in providing overview of each important stage of their build, House Inspect Australia is more than ready to help provide you our service. We want to assure you that our inspectors will look at your footing, slab, frame lock-up and fixing stages of your build as they are, to us, the most important part of your home. This is because any defects that are not attended to in these stages can later compromise your home. As such, we ask our clients to have a defects document on them as this allows us to note down any defects that your building contractor can fix at a later stage before handing over your build to you. We ask any Woodville resident who needs an independent inspector to strongly consider our services as we can provide one of our inspectors, who are highly trained and well qualified to assist you in a smooth build.