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The suburb of Woodcroft is south of the Adelaide CBD. A typical middle class area, Woodcroft has parklands and lakes with the Panalatinga creek running through the suburb. 60% of people in Woodcroft are under the age of 40 with its population mainly working in retail trade and as services workers.

Woodcroft didn't become a suburb until 1969 and is part of the city of Onkaparinga. With many younger people living in the area, our building inspectors are happy to provide inspections on your house to make sure your young family is safe in its own home.

Pre-Purchasing Inspection Woodcroft:

Young families have enough of a challenge trying to find a property that can be appropriate for them. We want to provide a service that can make sure that any potential Pre-Purchase home you're buying is adequate and safe for your family. We will look in interior areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, identifying any faulty plumbing that needs fixing. We also look at the exterior of the property Identifying any roof issues, external walls, downpipes and gutters. It's our commitment to our clients that we give a complete inspection of their pre-purchase property, there should be no unwanted surprises for any homeowner. To many young families in Woodcroft, we want to provide you with our expert and license inspectors who are blessed with knowledge and experience in this role.

Building Inspections Woodcroft:

Building Inspectors Australia is a member of the HIA (Housing industry Australia), MBA (Master Builders Association) and Association of building consultants. This means we are fully insured and for all the work we carry out giving you confidence in our reliability to provide for our customers. Our building inspectors are all experienced registered builders who have all been trained in accordance with the Australian Inspection standards. We provide the best building inspectors to our clients for any role they ask for whether that's warranty inspections or inspecting defects. Our high standards will not be lowered and our clients can expect the most professional inspection covering all our clients demands. Woodcroft residents will be given reliable highly experienced individuals to Inspect issues they have raised.

Pest Inspections Woodcroft:

Termites are well known pests, if left unchecked or undetected can ruin homes and compromise the overall structure. Working with Pest Control Australia, we can help any homeowner inspect their house for any signs of termites or termite damage, assess it and complete a report on anything we find. Termites can create their own nest that can allow them to populate the home which can result in further long term structure damage that can lower the cost of your home and hurt its sale value. Woodcroft residents, we are committed to helping you identify any termite activity that is ruining your home and give a complete overall inspection and assessment of your property.

Stage Inspections Woodcroft:

Our stage inspection team will look at the following stages of your home construction, looking at the footing, slab, frame, lock-up and fixing stage of your building. Our inspection team is fully qualified to analyse and give feedback on all these stages of your home build and identify any issues, mistakes or defects that they come across. These inspections are crucial to the completion of your build and no owner wants to have substandard work on their home and have inspectors find shortcuts taken that compromises the build. We will make sure that contractors are following the guidelines that are set and that each inspection takes place prior to the next stage of the build takes place, making sure that no oversights are left behind. Woodcroft residents expect their buildings to be fully compliant and safe, our inspection team will make sure all stages of the build are followed and identify any issues that will be fixed prior to the next stage of the build.