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The suburb of West Lakes is west of Adelaide and is part of the city of Charles Sturt. The suburb was founded in 1976 after originally just swamp and wetlands and now is home to over 5,787 residents. West Lakes was the home of both SANFL and AFL football between 1974-2013 with Football Park being the major sporting facility of the area hosting upto 51,000 spectators.

West lakes are bordered by the suburbs of Port Adelaide, Grange, Queenstown and Seaton. As West lake residences homes are built on old swamp land, we are committed to providing you with our professional inspection team that can help you identify any issues you may or may not notice with your home.

Pre-Purchase Inspection West Lakes:

Pre-purchasing a home can come with suspense, as you don't want to find any unwanted surprises in your new home. Our building inspectors can take your worries away through inspecting the home and identify any issues that may compromise the home and any other faults that may be found. Our inspectors will do a thorough scan of your home, looking both inside and out, making sure everything is compliant and any defects are identified and acknowledged for the potential homeowner. West lakes residents who may buy property that is built over swamp land, we recommend that if you have any worries that you contact us and we can provide a building inspector to do an inspection on your potential new home.

Building Inspection West Lakes:

Our company is blessed to have building inspectors that are trained and qualified to carry out any inspection that is required. We will work with our clients to ensure that the inspection that we are carrying out is related to our client demands and we will effectively communicate our findings with them. Our inspection will offer inspections on pre-purchase building inspections, progress stage inspections, constructions/renovations and warranty inspections, defects, meth testing and meth inspections. Depending on what the clients demands are, we will seek to provide a professional service that will uncover any issues that need assessing and fixing. West lakes residents who are in need of any inspections that we have listed, we will provide our services to you and work with you to help solve any problems you may have.

Pest Inspection West Lakes:

Pests are a major inconvenience for home owners and if not taken care of can damage your property, hurting the sale value of your home and even worse, compromising the structure of your property. Our partnership with Pest Control Australia can provide a visual inspection of your property seeking to find any presence of pests that could potentially be harming your building. Our visual inspection will come with a mandatory termite inspection as these pests are the most common in homes, are the hardest to spot and their damage isn't always visible. West Lakes residents who are in need of help when it comes to pests, we recommend you consider us to provide our inspection team to do a visual inspection looking to analyze any issues that we find and communicate these issues to the property owner.

Stage Inspection West Lakes:

There are important milestones that each building completes with certain stages having been completed. These stages involve handover inspection/practical completion, footing, slab, frame, lock-up and fixing stages. House Inspect Australia has identified these important stages and will seek to provide any clients inspectors to inspect these stages assuring the homeowner that everything has been done right and no issues are found. Defects that are structural can compromise the home and our inspectors will seek out any defects that must be attended to and ask the builder to fix. House Inspect Australia will look to work with any West lakes resident that is in need of stage inspection on their building construction, ensuring that any issues are identified and fixed.