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The city of Unley is just south of the Adelaide CBD that was founded in 1840 and currently has a population of just over 4,000 residents. It is known as a trendy and affluent neighborhood with a diverse range of eateries and cafes that enables it to draw a younger demographic to the area.

We seek to provide a highly quality and reliable service to the people of Unley, offering our service to help any house inspections they may need whether that is pest inspection or pre purchase inspections, we have a service that is open to you.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Unley:

Part of our role is to provide pre-purchase inspections for individuals who have just recently purchased a home. What we provide is a full inspection on your pre-purchase home, giving it an extensive inspection both internally and externally. We will provide inspection on your pre-purchase house plumbing and roofing structure along with analyzing the condition of your driveway and stairs. Our inspectors are fully qualified and will look to provide you with any important information that they find and note them down. We recommend that with your permission we conduct a contamination inspection, making sure that your pre-purchase home is not contaminated, which could result in making your home uninhabitable. We want to provide our Unley residents a proper pre-purchase inspection of their home that can identify any faults that we can relate to the homeowner.

Building Inspections Unley:

Our customers expect quality service and we are determined to provide that. Our building inspection team is well skilled and highly trained to provide an inspection of your home you are asking for. We have a list of inspections we can carry out for our customers that will help identify any issues that they are experiencing. We intend to communicate fully with our clients, it is your home and we want to make it as safe for you as possible by helping you identify issues that can be fixed. If you're an Unley resident and are in need of your house being inspected, we are here to provide a service that can give you everything you need.

Pest Inspections Unley:

Pests can cause major structure damage to houses, especially termites. Our pest control team is here to help any homeowner who is having pests issues by giving them a visual inspection that can identify pests activity. Termites are a major problem that is consistent with many homes, we provide along with our pests control team and termite inspection that looks for any activity of termites. Any termite damage we come across will be identified and noted and look to work with our clients in dealing with this issue. We urge any Unley resident who is having pests issues to contact us so we can provide a visual inspection to identify issues we can find.

Stage Inspections Unley:

Throughout your build you will go through different stages of the process. House Inspect Australia can provide our clients an inspector who will help tick off each stage as it is complete. We want to remind our clients that they have their obligations to monitor the build and must be aware of any issues that arise. We can help support our clients by making sure that the building contractor is following the process and that any defects are notified and will be fixed. Our inspectors will give the tick of approval for each stage's completion when it comes to footing, slab, frame lock-up and fixing stages so that your build proceeds as it should. Unley residents who are interested in acquiring an inspector to help with their build are recommended to contact us to help provide for them.