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The suburb of Thebarton is located just west of the Adelaide CBD and was founded back in 1839. The suburb was named after the home of Colonel William Light and his home to a population of 1,431 with a large population of Greek residents. The suburb of Thebarton used to be made up of Hemmington, Hemmington West and West Thebarton before uniting into the one suburb of Thebarton.

Thebarton has the Adelaide parklands to the northwest and is adjacent to the river Torrens. House Inspect Australia is open to providing its services and welcoming the residents of Thebarton to building relations and provide our professional services with customers in the area.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Thebarton:

If you're considering buying a home, we highly recommend using our professional team to inspect your newly purchased home. We want to ensure that your move is as smooth as possible and any nasty unwanted problems are found. We provide clear and consistent communication with our clients, making sure they are up to date and fully aware of any issues we find and we offer advice to help any possible issues. Our inspection team will do a thorough inspection both inside and outside of your new or potential home, having a look at your plumbing and assessing the condition of your driveway. Any Thebarton resident that is pre-purchasing a home is recommended to look into our services. We can help inspect your home, making sure your new purchase is safe and compliant to live in.

Building Inspection Thebarton:

We want to ensure that our clients are looked after and that the inspection they are asking for is done correctly. House Inspect Australia is proud to have qualified and fully licensed inspectors that are able to carry out any form of inspection that we provide. We provide inspections from pre-purchase building inspections, progress stage inspections, constructions/renovations and warranty inspections, defects, meth testing and meth inspections. Our inspection team will seek to constantly communicate and keep our clients up to date with our inspection and will report any findings to them, instantly. Thebaraton residents that are currently seeking out an inspection for their home are recommended to contact us, so we can provide a professional inspection based on what they need.

Pest Inspection Thebarton:

House Inspect Australia is partnered with Pests Control Australia to help clients identify any pests that may be in their home. Our inspection team is equipped to carry out pests inspection on your property that will look to identify any presence of pests, where they are entering and any damage that they may have caused. Our Inspection team is equipped with the knowledge of all pests that may be evident in your property especially termites who are the main accused of inspections. Even if a termite inspection is not requested, it is part of all inspections we do as they are the most common pests and are very hard to spot to homeowners. We help customers inspect homes for any signs of pests, provide you with a report on the findings and solutions you may seek out such as extermination by pest removal professionals. Any clients in Thebarton that are noticing any pest issues are urged to contact us to help identify any issues and develop a solution plan.

Stage Inspection Thebarton:

House Inspect Australia is happy to help any new homeowners who are looking for inspectors to inspect and monitor the  important stages of their new home build. We provide inspections on handover inspection/practical completion, footing, slab, frame, lock-up and fixing stages to ensure that everything is completed appropriately and no defects are found. We recommend that in all the stages we have listed, an inspection is conducted, however we will follow the wishes of our clients if that’s not the case. Thebarton residents who are interested in conducting inspections during these stages, we recommended to contact us so we can help you with your smoothly run home build.