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Rostrevor, a suburb east of the Adelaide CBD is home to over 7,366 residents and is part of the City of Campbelltown. The suburb is named after a village in northern Ireland that bears the same name and has a variety of building designs that span generations.


Rostrevor residents will be provided quality service by our team, here at House Inspect Australia, if they ever seek to require any form of house inspections. House Inspect Australia will give thorough inspections on your homes, identifying any faults and seeking the needs of our clients issues.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Rostrevor:

Any pre-purchase home can come with issues that no homeowner wants to have. House Inspect in Australia will look to provide a thorough inspection on a pre-purchase property looking to find any faults that may be present and that could compromise the home. We will endeavor to keep our clients aware of any issues that we may find on your potential property as communication is important to us when doing our inspections. Our inspection will look at the exterior and interior of the property as well as looking for any compliance issues and the condition of structures and driveways. Any homeowners looking to pre-purchase a home in Rostrevor are recommended to contact us so we can help provide an inspection on the property they are looking to buy.

Building Inspection Rostrevor:

House inspect Australia will always provide qualified and licensed building inspectors based on our clients wishes. Our inspection team will constantly communicate with our clients, providing them details on the inspection that we will carry out and brief them with what our inspection has found. Our inspections will carry out a variety of inspections our clients ask of us, ranging from inspections on pre-purchase building inspections, warranty inspections, progress stage inspections, meth testing and meth inspections, defects and constructions/renovations. Whatever our clients ask for, we guarantee friendly service that will seek to provide full clarity over findings and work with our clients to ensure any major issues are identified.

Pest Inspection Rostrevor:

Our inspection covers a wide base of inspections with pests inspection being one of them. Our partnership with Pest inspect Australia provides us with highly experienced inspectors that will give our clients a visual inspection of their property that will allow us to identify any activity or damage that pests may be causing. Part of our inspections that we conduct are providing a termite inspection as these pests are the most common pests in households and are also the hardest to spot by homeowners.The damage they can cause cannot always be seen and we want to make sure that your property is not being compromised by them. House Inspect Australia will provide pest inspections to any Rostrevor residents that believe there is pest activity in their home and we will provide a thorough visual inspection so that if there is, it will be successfully identified and solutions will discussed.

Stage Inspection Rostrevor:

When building a new home, there are different stages of the build that are completed. These stages are crucial to the overall structure of the build and any defects or issues not identified can compromise the home. Our inspectors are able to carry out inspection on the listed stages we have identified which are handover inspection/practical completion, footing, slab, frame, lock-up and fixing stages. We identify these stages as they are the most important parts and we will work with our clients to monitor all stages of the build. Ensuring our clients home is not compromised, we ask that a defects document be made available to list any defects that need attention and will be done within the next 12 months as required in the builders contract. Any rostrevor residents looking for inspectors to monitor important stages of their home are recommended to contact us, so we can provide you with our assistance and expertises.