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The suburb of Reynella was established in 1840 and is part of the City of Onkaparinga. It is home to 4,753 residents and is notable for having all 4 major fast food markets in the suburb giving it the nickname of junk food corner. Reynella is divided into 3 suburbs made up of Reynella, old Reynella and Reynella east.

With just under 5,000 residents in the area, House Inspect Australia wants to provide the local residents and assistance they may need when it comes to their homes, offering them qualified inspectors that will be equipped to handle any issue that our clients want help on.

Pre-Purchasing Inspection Reynella:

Pre-Purchasing a home can be an important step for many homeowners, but it’s also important that whatever home you want to buy, you don’t want any unwanted surprises that will result in more money out of your pocket. We strongly consider when doing our inspection that we can also do a meth test that can allow us to detect any contamination issues that may be on the property. Without any test any contamination that is present can result in sickness to the homeowners, especially children. Our pre-purchase inspection will use technology that can identify any forms of contamination that may be found and if positive we can then help and work with our clients on how to deal with it. When understanding this exercise is costly but your family's health and safety is paramount and we want to make sure the environment you want to live in is liveable. Reynella residents should know we want to provide a pre-purchasing inspection that can identify all issues that could exist and work to eliminate them providing you with a safe and liveable home.

Building Inspections Reynella:

House Inspect Australia employs only those who are qualified, well trained and all have registered builders trained in the Australian Inspection standards. Our inspectors are able to provide inspections on any issue that our clients ask of us and we will provide a detailed analysis of what our inspection finds. We provide a list of inspections we can do from warranty inspections, pre-purchase building inspections, build progress stage inspections, timber frame and roof inspections, pest inspections and pool safety compliance. If any Reynella residents need inspections on any of these issues, we will provide inspectors to take care of your problem.

Pest Inspections Reynella:

While we are a building inspection company, we are also able to give pest inspections to households identifying any pests activity that may be happening. While we don’t carry out removal of pests we can give a thorough and extensive inspection looking for any activity that may be present and will look and use technology that can find activity in places that cannot be seen. We want to provide our customers with inspections that can help give them clarity over if their home had any pests activity and more importantly see that any part of the infrastructure of the house is damaged or compromised. We ask any residents in Reynella if they suspect or notice any pests behaviour or damage to contact us to do an inspection immediately and help identify any problems.

Stage Inspections Reynella:

House Inspect Australia is able to provide inspectors that can oversee and make sure all stages of your build are compliant and that your building contractor is meeting the standards. Our inspectors can oversee completion of each stage and then make an assessment that the stage is complete and that the next stage can start. We will want a defects document that is created in order to list any defects we find onsight so that they can be fixed, any structural defects must be fixed before the handover completion stage. We want to provide home owners the clarity they need to know, what rights they have and how they can keep the building contractor accountable. Reynella residents are free to call us on this issue and we can help provide a building inspector that can oversee each stage of completion.