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Prospect is a suburb in North Adelaide that was founded in 1872 currently has a population of 13,280 people. Formally known as little Adelaide for a period, prospect has a large amount of green spaces  With Soldier Memorial Garden, St Helens Park and Barker Gardens. Prospect is a 5km area north of the CBD with a variety of home designs and ages with Victorian architecture being consistent throughout.

With homes built before 1987, there are concerns that asbestos may be present in some homes. If you are considering renovations we strongly suggest that you call House inspect Australia for an inspection of your property.

Pre-Purchasing Inspection Prospect:

House Inspect Australia looks to help its customers when it comes to pre-purchasing a home by providing them with an inspection that can identify any faults or issues. We don’t want any home owners finding any unwanted surprises when they purchase their new home that can result in more spending to fix any issues. We have highly trained house inspectors who will look at all areas of the pre-purchase home with all external and internal areas assessed and allow us to compile a report that we can sit down and discuss with our customers. Our inspections also allow us to offer a contamination test which can check for any contamination that may be present. Safety of your family is our priority and we offer this as part of our inspection to ensure that you're moving into a liveable home. Woodville residents are free to call us for an inspection prior to buying their new house to ensure the safety of their new home.

Build Inspection Prospect:

Our build inspectors are well trained and qualified to carry out inspections that our clients are expecting of us. We provide inspections for pre-purchasing, warranty, pool compliance, pest control, build handover and timber frame and roof inspections. We are a team of experts in these areas and will make sure that inspections are carried out in a professional fashion that meets the client's demands. We will communicate with our clients right through our inspection of their property providing them with the proper feedback that will give them clarity of what we have found. Prospect residents that are interested are recommended to contact us and book a meeting so that our inspectors can meet them and discuss and provide help to any issues or concerns.

Pest Inspection Prospect:

Pests can be a major issue for many homeowners especially in older dated houses with timber frames. Termites and other Pests can damage important structures that can endanger the safety of your home and reduce the price of your property. Our inspection team will scout your house both inside and out to inspect any evidence or activity of pests that may be present. We look in areas unseen to many homeowners looking for any termite activity which is something we offer, or for any sort of pest activity. Our inspection team looks for any visible damage that may be noticeable both internally and externally of your home and puts together a report that we can share with you. Prospect residents can call us any time to help them identify pests that may be inhabiting their home and compromising their structure.

Stages Inspections Prospect:

It is important that owners who’s new home is being built have an independent inspector assessing each stage of their construction. House Inspect Australia provides an inspector who can help assess the stage completion, identify any defect that each stage brings and can tick off each stage allowing the next one to begin. We’ve identified that the handover inspection/practical completion, footing, slab, frame lock-up and fixing stages are the most important and our inspector will make sure when these stages are complete that the building can then be handed to a handover inspection. If any Prospect residents are in need of an independent inspector, House inspect Australia is happy to provide you our service.