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Port Adelaide is 14km from the Adelaide CBD and was established in 1836 to play a key role in the formation of the city. Port Adelaide was created to allow for transport of goods and to allow ships to dock so that trade could happen. Port Adelaide has a number of heritage listed buildings that have survived from the early years of the settlement.

With the variety of buildings that stretch over a long period of time, House Inspect Australia looks to provide building inspectors that can help customers with any issues that may be found with their home and find solutions on how we can deal with it.

Pre-Purchasing Inspection Port Adelaide:

Considering buying a new home is what many people want to have and House Inspect Australia is determined to help potential new home owners have a stress free move into a pre purchase home. We want to help this transition by giving you the service of our pre purchasing inspectors who can help identify any potential issues with your new home and make sure that it is safe for you to live in. Our inspectors are highly trained and well qualified and will not take any shortcuts in their inspections, providing a detailed report on what they find throughout all areas of the house both inside and outside. No unwanted surprises when they move in and we want to eliminate any of this with a thorough inspection of your home. House Inspect Australia will provide Port Adelaide residents with qualified house inspectors who will detail everything about your pre-purchase home to ensure you have a comfortable transition.

Build Inspection Port Adelaide:

Our inspectors are some of the most qualified in the business and will be able to carry out any type of inspection you ask for. Our inspectors are equipped to carry out pre-purchase inspection, progress stage inspections, construction, renovation and warranty inspections, building defects, meth inspections and meth testing and pests inspections. All our inspectors are members of the HIA, MBA and association building consultants and are trained in accordance with the Australian inspection standards. We have a friendly team that will communicate with you at all times about faults we may identify and put together a document of the issues that need to be resolved. Port Adelaide residents can be assured that our inspectors will provide a thorough inspection of their home and be able to identify any problems they come across.

Pest Inspection Port Adelaide:

We provide pest inspections at House Inspect Australia that can help and identify any pests activity in your home. Our Pest Inspection team has numerous experience with pests and will easily identify any activity that is found. Some pests like termites are nearly impossible to notice to homeowners but our team will conduct a termite inspection on top of other pests inspections we are made aware of. We will give a visual inspection both internally and externally of your home, looking for any evidence or activity which we can note and provide information on. If Port Adelaide residents notice unusual pest activity or just want some peace of mind, do not hesitate to call us to book a pests inspection.

Stage Inspection Port Adelaide:

A lot of stress is put on homeowners when it comes to building their own home. We are keen to help alleviate this stress by providing any homeowners with our inspectors that can identify each important stage of your build and seek to discover any defects. We encourage homeowners to have independent inspectors monitor each stage of their build, to ensure that the building contractor is handing over a habitable home with no defects that could compromise the home. Our inspectors recommend that they inspect the home when one of the following stages is completed: footing, slab, frame lock-up and fixing stages. Our inspectors are qualified to assess each of these stages, identify faults and tick off these stages as completed allowing the next stage to progress safely. We encourage our port Adelaide residents to contact us if they are in need of independent inspectors to provide stage inspections to their build.