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The suburb of Norwood was founded in 1847 and currently holds a population of 5,953 people. It’s main attraction centre is the parade which is home to many businesses and entertainment areas. Norwood consists mainly of European immigrants, commonly of Italian descent whose businesses are seen throughout the parade.


With architecture from many different era’s, we would like to provide Norwood residents with our service to help inspect their homes for any issues and ensure their safety. We at House Inspect Australia provide a service which builds relationships with our clients and provides them with quality service.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Norwood:

Any homeowner looking to buy a home is recommended that we first provide them an inspection of their potential home, looking for any issues that may compromise the home and any other compliance issues. Our building inspectors are fully licensed and have a wealth of knowledge and are equipped to analyze and provide detailed information on the property you are about to purchase. Building Inspectors will look at all areas of the property, both the exterior and interior, to provide a structural assessment of the property. Any new homeowner that is looking to purchase a property in Norwood but wants an inspection first is recommended to contact House Inspect Australia, so we can give you the right information you need to proceed with your purchase comfortably.

Building Inspection Norwood:

Our building inspectors are the most qualified and best trained inspectors in Adelaide. Our Inspectors are all trained in accordance with the Australian Inspection Standards and are all licensed builders. Our inspectors carry out pre-purchase building inspections, progress stage inspections, constructions/renovations and warranty inspections, defect inspections and meth testing. We are committed to building strong relationships with our customers and providing the best customer experience as this helps us provide the quality service that you deserve.

Pest Inspection Norwood:

Our pest inspection team from Pest Inspection Australia, inspects homes for all different types of pest activity. Our Inspection team are qualified pest technicians, equipped with a wide range of knowledge and equipment and provide a thorough inspection of your new property looking for any activity of pests or possible damage. Pests can result in damage to properties that can devalue the sale price of a home or even worse, cause structural problems that can compromise the home. Termites are a common type of pest that our inspectors often come across due to their hard to identify nature. We are able to provide you with a quote for a pest management system and install such a system for your convenience. Our inspection team will provide any Norwood residents who possibly have a pest issue, a comprehensive inspection to look at any problems and will present them in a detailed report with a solution.

Stage Inspection Norwood:

House Inspect Australia recommends that anyone building a new home have an independent inspection at critical stages of the build to monitor each stage of your house build. Our Inspectors are licensed builders and qualified to identify any issues that do not meet the National Construction Code or Australian Standard requirements throughout each stage presented in a detailed report for your builder to rectify our findings. We provide stage inspections based on the most important stages of a home build such as the footings, frames, external roof and cladding/brickwork, waterproofing and internal linings, joinery right through to a pre handover inspection/practical completion inspection. We want our clients to know that their new home or investment is structurally sound and complies with the current codes and regulations. Our inspectors will make sure that every stage is completed properly and we monitor any issues that may come up to ensure they are rectified. Our Norwood clients should know that we are here to provide this service to them if they are in need of an inspector monitoring stages of their new home or investment.