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The suburb of Morphett Vale south of the Adelaide CBD was founded in 1840 known as the town of Dublin and today is part of the City of Onkaparinga. Prior to becoming part of the greater metropolitan area, Morphett Vale had many vineyards with its residents classified as neat people. By 1932 it became part of Noarlunga and by the 1960’s went from being a rural town to becoming part of the Adelaide metropolitan area.

Morphett Vale is an area that has many different styles of homes with some of them being in the area for quite a long time. House Inspect Australia has the specialist available to the residents of Morphett Vale to deal with any issues they find with their home or to provide advice on any pest inspection issues they seek help with.

Pre-Purchasing Inspection Morphett Vale:

We understand the stress involved in pre-purchasing your home, you want everything to go right and don’t want any unwanted surprises. Our pre-purchase inspection team will take any worries you have away from you and give your-pre purchase home a thorough inspection seeking to identify any faults and issues that may make your new home unsafe to live in. Our inspections will look closely at the property information site which encompass all the key structures of the home from the ceiling to floors, window frames, stairs and tiling. There isn’t a feature of the pre-purchase home you want to buy that we won't check and everything we inspect, we will provide a detailed write up about and communicate with you any issues we find. We want our Morphett vale residents to know we will provide a friendly and thorough inspection on any pre-purchase home you are thinking of buying and save you the stress of not wanting to purchase a home that comes with headaches.

Building Inspections Morphett Vale:

With our building inspections, you can be assured that our team will provide you with an inspector that is well trained and qualified, who brings extensive knowledge of house inspections and will provide our clients with a detailed inspection that identifies any issues that your building has. Our inspectors are qualified to provide our customers with inspections on pre-purchase buildings, build progress stage inspections, build handover defects inspections, timber frame and roof inspections, warranty inspections, pest inspections and pool safety compliance. No matter what issue you find, our inspectors will have the knowledge and experience to help solve your problems and provide expert advice on dealing with any problems that may be found. We want to provide our Morphett Vale residence with inspectors that have the knowledge and experience that can assure you that your home will be taken care of.

Pest Inspections Morphett Vale:

We know that a frustration most of our clients experience is pests in their home. Our partnership with Pest Control Australia will help our clients give a thorough inspection of their home seeking to identify any pests that are inhabiting your home or areas that they are exploiting. Pest Control Australia are fully experienced in dealing with all types of pests that may be inhabiting your home and damaging key structural frames of your house. No matter what type of issues you have, a full inspection will be conducted that looks at all areas of your home, finding any entry ways, damaged frames and using technology that can provide insight into areas that are not visible to our clients. Morphett vale residents will no doubt have had issues with pests in their home and we want to provide you with the experts that can deal with any issues you have.

Stage Inspections Morphett Vale:

Our building inspection team is well equipped to provide our clients with regular stage inspections making sure that their home build is fully compliant and contractors are following regulations they are accountable to. There are key stages of your build we find are most crucial with footing, slab, frame, lock-up and fixing stages highly important to the building completion of your home and we will provide inspectors to assure that these important stages have been completed allowing the next stage to proceed. We want to assure our Morphett Vale clients that we will make sure all stages of your build are followed and completed correctly and that allows your build to be completed.