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The suburb of Magill, founded in 1838, is both part of the City of Burnside and the City of Campbelltown. It has a population of 8,861 residents and holds some quality architecture. The Magill university campus has classic Victorian building design that complement the parkland area.


House inspect Australia wants to work with any Magill residents who are noticing any problems with their homes or are looking for peace of mind when it comes to their home. We will commit to sending you our expert inspectors to inspect your home and identify any issues that need attending.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Magill:

As part of our service to our clients, we do pre-purchase inspections looking to help any potential home owner inspect a home for any faults or issues that may be found. Our inspection team will look at the exterior and interior of the home, look at all plumbing and appliances, looking for any leaks, and reviewing the condition of the property to ensure it is fully compliant to all standards. If needed we will also conduct a meth test that will look for any contamination that may be found on the site. Our building inspection team will provide full clarity and communication with our clients telling them everything we find and how to fix any issues. Clients looking to purchase a home in Magill, we recommend you contact us to help provide an inspection that will look to identify any issues.

Building Inspection Magill:

Our company prides itself on providing our clients with highly respected and qualified inspectors who will carry out any inspection of our clients homes they are asked of. All our inspectors are qualified and licensed to carry out inspection on the following types: pre-purchase building inspections, warranty inspections, progress stage inspections, meth testing and meth inspections, defects and constructions/renovations. Our inspectors will constantly communicate and provide important information to our clients on the findings we are able to make and assist by working with our customers on dealing with any issues going forward. Magill residents that are in need of any inspections we have provided, we will ensure that our inspectors carry out a detailed inspection that meets your needs.

Pest Inspection Magill:

We provide a wide range of inspections for our clients with pests inspection one of our most commonly asked. We are partnered with Pest Inspect Australia to provide our clients with inspectors who are widely skilled and have the knowledge to know what pests they are looking for and where to look for them. Our pest inspect team will give a visual inspection to the property and look for any signs of poets activity or any damage that may be visible. Termites are highly common in our visual inspections and we conduct a mandatory termite inspection looking for any signs of termite activity. Any Magill resident that has a pests problem, we are committed to helping you identify any issues that are happening on your property and giving you the advice on what to do next.

Stage Inspection Magill:

New home builds can be long and stressful and are prone to issues arising. House Inspect Australia is here to help provide inspectors that can inspect crucial stages of your build, looking to identify any defects that are compromising issues that need attention. Based on our clients wishes, we will offer to inspect handover inspection/practical completion, footing, slab, frame, lock-up and fixing stages. We recommend that all the stages we have listed we provide inspections on as they are crucial to your home build, however will follow the judgement that clients wish. Magill residents that need inspectors that can monitor important stages of their build are recommended to contact us and we will seek to help you.