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Lonsdale is a southern suburb in the city of Onkaparinga, south of the city of Adelaide. It’s access to the beach opens up to St Vincent's gulf providing good gathering for beach goers whilst also providing plenty of shopping options. Now an industrialized place, it once was an area largely owned by farmers and vineyarders, Lonsdale now provides for a lot of appliance and repair shops for cars and electronics.

Lonsdale used to be open farmland up into the urban encroachment of the 1950s and has become industrialized since. Based in Lonsdale, our House Inspect Australia company will provide the service you need to protect your home with our wide range of inspections from pre-purchasing, stage inspections and pest inspections.

Pre-Purchasing Build Inspection:

The last thing you want when purchasing your new home is finding any unexpected surprises, our pre-purchasing team will do a thorough inspection of your home finding anything that needs general maintenance or replacing. We provide qualified and licensed building inspectors that will give you a complete guide on your home and provide a wealth of knowledge that clients deserve. To our Lonsdale residents, our team is accustomed to all types of homes they inspect and will look to use their expertise in finding any issues that they can find.

Building Inspections:

Our building inspection team is keen to provide our clients with a quality level inspection that is provided by high level inspectionionst. Our team is one of the most qualified in the country with our inspectors all having the proper industry licensing, making them qualified for any inspection that the client asks of them. Our commitment to our clients is that we will work with our home owners, take any issues that they have noticed with their property and identify ourselves with any issues we find. No matter if the issue is minor, our service will provide a full building inspection of your home, we take no shortcuts with our inspections. This our commitment to Lonsdale residence is a quality level service with an inspection that covers your whole home.

Pest inspection:

Our relationship with Pest Inspect Australia allows us to help provide you with experts who can identify and termite or other pest damage to your homes. We provide a full inspection of your property that can help us identify any weak points, damage and identify areas that pests are breeding. The Pest Inspect team is equipped with the knowledge of all pests in the area, especially termites and will carry out a thorough inspection of your property for any termite damage. Even if our inspection hasn’t requested a termite inspection, we will take it upon ourselves to check anyway as they can be very hard to identify. With most homes in Lonsdale separate houses, termites and other pests most likely are able to hide in crawl spaces unbeknownst to occupant or new house buyers, our team will take care of this issue.

Stage Inspections:

We want to make sure that our clients' new home build is constantly monitored making sure that all laws and legal requirements are being met. It is important that a defects document is made so that we can list any minor defects and any omissions that both the contractor and homeowner acknowledge. We want to make sure with this process that the home-owners aren't being left in the dark and are aware that any defects will be fixed within 12 months. With the majority of homes separate houses in Lonsdale, we want to make sure all home builds are being met to standard throughout their building stage.