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Lightsview is a relatively new suburb in north of Adelaide that was recently opened in 2016. It’s a suburb with diverse cultures with housing all relatively new. The suburb is surrounded by Northgate, Greenacres and Hillcrest with Lightsview being the most modern in terms of house designs. Lightsview has the lights community and sports centre along with open walking spaces and playgrounds.

With Lightsview being a very modern suburb, all of the housing is up to date with some of them up for sale. Housing Inspect Australia can help provide any potential customers with inspections checking the houses for any issues and inspect the land making sure there’s no contamination.

Pre-Purchasing Inspection Lightsview:

With so many new homes becoming available in the lightsview area, we want to provide any new potential homeowners a pre-purchasing inspection. Our building inspectors are highly qualified and well trained who can use their extensive knowledge to identify any problems that may be found with any pre-purchase homes. We want to take the stress out of your new potential home by inspecting the condition of the house both internal and external, checking all plumbing and exterior areas of your home. Our building inspectors will put together a detailed report that will be relayed to our customers that help guide them on further action to take with their pre-purchase home. We want our customers to educate themselves on general home maintenance and repairs that can help them if there are any issues we find. We want to provide our Lightsview residents with a reliable and thorough pre-purchasing house inspection that can take the worries and any potential fears away from them.

Build Inspection Lightsview:

House Inspect Australia is keen to provide top range inspectors to help inspect any issues you may have with your home. Our inspection team is able to provide inspections on  pre-purchasing, warranty, pool compliance, pest control, build handover, timber frame and roof inspections. Our inspection team is trained to be able to survey any issues on those topics and we can report our findings to you personally. If Lightsview residents have any of the issues we have listed, we will provide inspectors to you in order to survey and issues we find.

Pest Inspection Lightsview:

House Inspect Australia provides our customers with a pest inspection team that is qualified to identify any activity of pests in your home. Termites and other pests can damage the structure of your home, devaluing your property and undermining the safety of your home. Our Pest Inspection team will provide a visual inspection of your home identifying any activity of pests, any entry points or noticeable damage they may find. We also conduct a termite inspection as these pests are the most constant we come across and do the most damage without any real noticeable activity. We will give a detailed report on what we find and work with the home owners as to how to deal with any problems and how we can help. Lightsview residents are living on old farm land that may potentially still have evidence of pests, we want to make sure these pests are found and are not damaging your property.

Stage Building Lightsview:

Building a home is challenging and we understand homeowners want their builds to run as smoothly as possible. House Inspect Australia can provide independent inspectors who can monitor and make sure each stage of your home is being correctly and can be approved. Our inspectors will find any defects that are noticeable and make sure that the builders fix all of them before they hand the building over. Our inspection team will make sure footing, slab, frame lock-up and fixing stages are completed and are done right which will then allow for the builder to certify the build to allow for habitation. Lightsview residents who still have their buildings being built, we strongly recommend that you contact one of our inspectors to make sure your build is being done right.