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Henley Beach is a suburb west of Adelaide and is part of the city of Charles Sturt. It is a coastal suburb adjacent to St Vincent's Gulf providing for a variety of beach events and entertainment. The suburb has a population of 2,289 people with 51.6% male and 48.6% female. 75.5% of the area are Australian born with most identifying with English heritage.

With residents in Henley beach living on the coast, most homes are exposed to coastal weather elements. We would like to provide any residents of Henley beach our service to ensure none of their homes have any defects or problems that could compromise their home.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Henley Beach:

Thinking of buying a new house in Henley Beach? Our building inspection team can provide a house inspection on your new potential home, taking away any concerns you may have. Our inspection team will look at all areas of your potential home, inspecting both the exterior and internal parts of the house, make sure that the house is completely compliant and that the condition of important structures are not compromised. If required, we can conduct a meth test that will look to identify any presence of contamination that could cause illness to house owners and make it not habitable. Anyone looking to pre-purchase a home in Henley beach, we want to help identify any potential problems with your potential new home, saving you any issues long term.

Building Inspection Henley Beach:

We provide the most qualified and trained inspectors in Adelaide who can carry out any inspection that any potential clients needs that we offer. Our building inspectors come with a wealth of knowledge and will seek to work with our clients over issues that their property may have. Our services range from inspections on pre-purchase buildings, progress stage inspections, constructions/renovations and warranty inspections, defects, meth testing and meth inspections. We will communicate all our findings with our clients and carry out professional inspections to ensure customer satisfaction. Any Henley Beach residents who seek our service will be met with professional and experienced building inspectors who will work with them to achieve an outcome we both want.

Pest Inspection Henley Beach:

Our company is partnered with Pest Inspect Australia to help provide visual inspections on your property looking for any presence of pests and damage they may have caused. Pest Inspection team is experienced with all pests and will be able to deliver an analysis to homeowners on how to deal with any issues that are found. Termites are the most common pests in most homes and do the most damage without any signs, our inspection team will do a mandatory visual termite inspection looking for signs of activity and damage. Residents in Henley Beach who are having issues with pests or suspect there are pests in their home are recommended to call us and we can organize a visual inspection of your property.

Stage Inspection Henley Beach:

As a company we highly recommend any homeowner who’s currently having their home under construction consult us so we can provide inspectors who can analyze important stages of their build. Our inspectors can inspect handover inspection/practical completion, footing, slab, frame, lock-up and fixing stages which are most crucial to any home construction. Any defects, especially structural defects can compromise the home and the build, we want to provide services that can identify any defects and recommend the builder fix them before handover. If Henley Beach residents are currently in the first stages of building a house, do not hesitate to get in touch with us  at House Inspect Australia and we will provide inspectors to monitor any stage of the build you need.