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Hectorville is a suburb in the east of Adelaide that is part of the city of Campbelltown and currently is home to 3,477 residents. The suburb was established in 1855 and is boarded by Glynde, Rostrevor, Tranmere and Newton.


House Inspect Australia is keen to build relationships with residents in the area, looking to provide a house inspection service that can meet the needs of any issues homeowners in Hectorville may have.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Hectorville:

Any individual that is looking to pre-purchase a home is recommended to have us provide an inspection that can help identify any faults or issues that the new property may have. Our building inspection team is fully qualified and well experienced in pre-purchase inspections and will carry out a detailed analysis of what we find. We will look at the exterior and interior of the property as well as analyze the conditions of certain structures and make sure everything is compliant. If needed we will conduct a meth test that will look for any contamination that may be present on the property. We are passionate about working with any homeowners that are looking to pre-purchasing a building in Hectorville and make sure that all properties have a thorough inspection given by our professional team that can identify potential issues.

Building Inspection Hectorville:

House Inspect Australia seeks to provide our clients with well trained, qualified and highly skilled inspectors to carry out any inspection our clients ask for on their home. We cover a range of inspections that will allow us to provide you with a detailed assessment of what we have found and the steps needed in order to fix any major issues. Our inspection team will carry out warranty inspections, inspections on pre-purchase building inspections, progress stage inspections, meth testing and meth inspections, defects and constructions/renovations. Will seek to work closely with our clients as communication is important to us and making sure our clients are well aware of what inspections are carrying out the process involved. We will ensure any Hectorville residents that require service are properly looked after and our inspection that they desire is carried out appropriately.

Pest Inspection Hectorville:

Our Inspection team is equipped to identify any activity of pests that may be present in our clients homes. House Inspect Australia is partnered with Pest Inspect Australia to provide a visual inspection of their property that seeks to identify any activity of pests or damage they may have caused. Termites are common in our pest inspections and we provide a mandatory termite inspection looking for any activity of damage they may have caused. Our inspection tem is highly experienced and are well aware of what type of pests cause certain damage to properties. Any Hectorville resident that believes there are pests damaging their home is urged to contact us to provide them with a visual inspection that can give first hand knowledge of any pests activity.

Stage Inspection Hectorville:

Our inspectors are able to carry out inspections on each stage of a new home build if our clients are requiring our service. Wew will look at important stages of your home build ranging from the handover inspection/practical completion, footing, slab, frame, lock-up and fixing stages. Any major problems that are not identified can end up compromising the home and no home builder should have that problem. Our inspectors will make sure that every stage is ticked off that they are asked to inspect, we recommend all the listed stages we are able to carry out inspection for you as they are crucial to your home build. Hectorville residents who are in the process of a new home build are recommended to contact us to help them inspect any stages of their home build they require us to look at.