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Hallett Cove is south of the Adelaide CBD situated on the St Vincents gulf. It possesses conservation parks that conserve ancient artifacts of aborigianl use, the area also comprises beaches that house large glacial erratics, large reserves for a variety of sports and provides plenty of shopping centers for people to explore. Hallett Cove has many beautiful clifftops looking out to St Vincent's gulf that provide great scenery.

Like most settlements south of the city, Hallett Cove was mainly just farmland until urbanization caught up in the 1950’s although it did have industries present. With many houses near or on the beachside, they are exposed to a lot of weather elements that can damage homes. House Inspect Australia can provide inspections to homes monitoring their health and identify any damage that may be found.

Pre-Purchasing Inspection Hallett Cove:

Our Pre-Purchasing Inspections are committed to inspecting both interior and exterior parts of your home. Roofing inspections, building exteriors, conditions of walls and floors are what our team will provide information for you on. The condition of your pre-purchase is essential for you to know and we are committed to giving you a thorough and detailed analysis that can allow you to improve your home. With homes being exposed to many weather conditions especially along the coast of St Vincent in Hallett Cove, we believe it's essential that any pre-purchase home is inspected and no faults are left unchecked.

Building Inspections Hallett Cove:

We don't take shortcuts with our building inspections, our clients are entitled to a thorough and well detailed inspection that finds issues, identifies them and then acts on them. With our highly experienced and friendly team, we want to provide a service to our customers that will leave a positive impression that gives our company a reputation that is admired and helps spread our name as reliable friendly building inspectors. Building relations is essential to our services, it allows us to understand our clients needs, wants and demands and provides us full clarity on their situation. Hallett cove has a friendly populace that we want to work with. We want to provide them with building inspections to their expectation and a friendly service to go with it.

Pest Inspections Hallett Cove:

Most people are unaware that their homes are being damaged by unwanted pests. Without our ability to help find these pests, your home and important structures could be compromised. We will provide expert pests inspections with technology that can find any unwanted pests that are damaging your home. Most damage pests do remain unseen to most household owners, that is why our expert pest inspectors are fully qualified and have had experience identifying all types of pests. Our commitment to homeowners in Hallett Cove is to protect their homes from pests that seek to damage their homes and weaken the structure.

Stage Inspections Hallett Cove:

A quality built home is a right that every homeowner deserves and we are committed to making sure you get a finished home with no faults. As we are a licensed company we want to remind our client what their responsibilities are, contractors are obliged to provide certificates of inspection warranties, any signed defect warrants and the dwelling should be habitable for the occupants. Communication is vital and we want home-owners to constantly have that with their contractors, make sure everything is signed and dated and no vital paperwork is lost. Our team is committed to helping any Hallett Cove homeowner understand their responsibility with working with their contractor, we want every home build to be smooth with no lingering issues that can compromise your build.