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The suburb of Glenelg is the oldest settlement in South Australia established in 1836 and named after Lord Glenelg. It is where the state of South Australia was proclaimed right in front of the Old gum tree in glenelg north and is celebrated on the 28th December every year. 3,349 people reside in Glenelg with most of northern european descent and is primarily a christian dominated community.

House Inspect Australia wants to provide residents with services that can help inspect their home for any issues. Being along the coast, houses can be exposed to coastal weather elements that can cause structural issues. We want to be the service that helps identify any issues that you may have.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Glenelg:

Concerned with buying a home and not wanting to find any long term issues that could compromise your move? We understand your concerns and are here to take your worries away. We are here to provide you with house inspectors that can identify any issues that your new potential home may have. We will look to do a thorough inspection both internal and external of the property, analysing the condition of the home, attempting to identify any compromised areas. Our inspectors are well equipped and experienced in their ability to do a proper inspection and will give you a detailed analysis of what they find on the property. Glenelg residents and those abroad who are looking to pre purchase a home in Glenelg, we recommend you consider us to  provide you with a house inspection that can help identify any issues.

Building Inspection Glenelg:

We are privileged as a company to provide our clients with building inspectors who are licensed and blessed with a wide range of knowledge that will work with providing inspections to clients based on their demands and issues. Our inspections are available to any homeowner who may have the following issues: pre-purchase building inspections, progress stage inspections, constructions/renovations and warranty inspections, defects, meth testing and meth inspections. Our building inspectors will provide a professional and detailed inspection, noting down any issues and providing our clients with a full brief of what we have found. If Glenelg residents are in need of any of the following inspections, we are happy to provide you with one of our building inspectors to work with you and discuss your building.

Pest Inspection Glenelg:

House Inspect Australia is happy to have a strong relationship with Pests Inspect Australia who aid us in providing pests inspections on our clients properties. Pests can do major damage to properties that can result in the devaluing of a home or worse, compromising important structures. Our pest inspection team will provide a visual inspection of your property looking for any signs of pests activity or damage. Our team will also do a termite inspection as this is the most common pests in homes and can do major damage without anyone noticing. Glenelg residents who may suspect pests are in their property, we are here to help you and will provide a visual inspection of your home.

Stage Inspection Glenelg:

As part of our inspections, we as a company are able to carry out stage inspections which are important as it allows certain stages of a home build to be completed and ticked off as safe. Most of these stages are crucial to the overall structure to the home and any structural defects can compromise the whole build. Any client who is in the process of building is recommended to enquire about our services and we can provide inspectors to inspect each stage as it is completed, assuring you that any issues are identified and scheduled to be fixed. Our stage inspections will focus on handover inspection/practical completion, footing, slab, frame, lock-up and fixing stages. Any Glenelg residents that are in need of inspections, contact us and we will provide stage inspectors to analyze each stage of your house construction to ensure your homes safety.