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Findon is a suburb in the west of Adelaide that was founded in 1848 after being subdivided from the land owned by George Cortis. The suburb has a multicultural community that consists of 6,205 residents with Indian and Italian residents making up a good portion of the population. 33.3% of the population identify as catholic with the area consisting of a numerous amount of parklands.

We want to provide a quality service to the residents of Findon that seeks to help with any issues they may have with their home. We will provide inspections that will give quality feedback and identify any issues that need fixing or monitoring.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Findon:

Pre-Purchasing a home? House Inspect Australia is offering you a home inspection prior to your transaction, making sure your dream home is compliant to all standards and safe to live in. Our inspection team is equipped with experience and knowledge to look for any faults or issues and assess how to apply the right general maintenance to fix them. Our house inspectors will look at exterior and internal areas of your home as well as assess any compliance issue we may find. We will also analyse the condition of structures and driveways and if customers are interested, we have services that can conduct a meth test, tracking  any forms of contamination that may be present. If any Findon residents are in the process of pre-purchasing a home and want an inspection conducted, we are here to provide our service to you.

Building Inspection Findon:

House Inspect Australia has qualified and highly experienced inspectors that are able to provide inspections on all the listed inspections we offer. Our inspection team when carrying out our inspections are committed to communicating with our clients and provide detailed findings on our inspection of their property. We provide inspections on pre-purchase building inspections, progress stage inspections, constructions/renovations and warranty inspections, defects, meth testing and meth inspections. Our inspection team is committed to helping any Findon resident who needs an inspection relating to the ones we have listed and we will provide a professional and detailed service.

Pest Inspection Findon:

House Inspect Australia works alongside Pests Control Australia to help any clients who may have any pests issues in their home. Our inspectors are equipped with knowledge of all pests especially termites and will do a thorough visual inspection of your property looking for any presence and damage. Termites are very hard to spotso the damage they do isn’t always seen and our inspection can help find any sought of presence of their behaviour on your property. Any Findon residents that believe that their property is invaded or damaged by pests, we are here to provide a service to you that can provide a visual inspection from experts that are experienced in pests inspections.

Stage Inspection Findon:

Any new house construction that is being built requires certain important stages to be completed. These stages range from handover inspection/practical completion, footing, slab, frame, lock-up and fixing stages, all of which are crucial to a new home construction. Our inspectors can provide inspection on each of these stages, outlining any defects that need fixing or highlighting any structural defects that need urgent attention. No home should be left compromised and our inspection team will ensure that any defects are acknowledged and to be fixed by home builders. Findon residents who have a home under construction and are interested in having these stages inspected are recommended to contact us, as our inspectors are qualified in identifying any issues that can be found.