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Clovelly park is in the inner suburban south of Adelaide that currently is home to 3,242 residents and is part of the city of Marion. Prior to the 1960’s Clovelly park was just open farmland along with vineyards before it became urban encroachment. Tonsley was once home to the Mitsubishi plant before it closed down and now has become an education area.

House Inspect Australia wants to provide Clovelly park residents with a service that can help them with inspections of their homes if they are in need of support. Our inspection team is equipped to provide service to whatever issue you may have and we can help support you.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Clovelly Park:

Pre Purchasing a home can come with concerns there may be faults and issues. We want to provide any customers who seek our consultation to provide them with an inspection of their home. Our pre-purchase inspection will look at the house both internal and externally, identifying any faults and noting them to the home-owner. Our inspection will look at the roof structure, plumbing, fixture and fittings, condition on all outdoor fencing and interior functions (Kitchens and Toilets). We recommend that a contamination inspection is also given, we want to make sure your pre-purchase home is safe to live in and any contamination can be identified and removed. If any clovelly residents need a pre-purchase inspection of their house, we will provide you with expert building inspectors to help you.

Building Inspections Clovelly Park:

Building strong relationships with our clients is essential in enabling us to provide a quality service that meets everyone's needs. We provide fully licensed and well trained inspectors who are across everything when it comes to inspecting homes and will provide you with the service you are asking for. Our inspection team will seek to look at any issues you have provided us or we will identify any issues they come across through our inspection. If you have any issues with your timber frames, pool compliance, pre-purchasing a house or have pests issues, we can provide inspectors who will help provide inspections on those topics and work with you to get the right result. Clovelly park residents who are interested and need assistance, we will provide you with qualified inspectors that will help you with any issues you face.

Pest Inspections Clovelly Park:

Pests can be a hazard and can result in homes being damaged and devalued. Our pest inspector is keen to provide a visual inspection on your home looking to identify and pests activity or damage. Our visual inspection will look for any entry points, activity or noticeable structural damage that will be noted. Our inspection also provides for a termite inspection, this inspection will look for any termite damage or activity. Our inspectors have had experience with all forms of pests and are experts in looking for any signs of them in your home. Residents living in Clovelly Park, we strongly recommend you contact us if you are experiencing any pests issues in your home so we can help identify them.

Stage Inspections Clovelly Park:

We encourage clients to have independent building inspectors monitor each stage of their home build therefore not allowing any defects or issues with the build to be ignored. We don’t want any issues to end up compromising the build, our inspectors will make sure each stage of your build is ticked off before the next stage of your home can begin. Footing, slab, frame lock-up and fixing stages are what we will monitor and list any defects that we notice and make sure that within 12 months the building contractor has fixed those issues. If residents in Clovelly park would like an inspector to help see over stages of their build, we recommend that we can see to that for you.