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The suburb of Christie Downs is part of the City of Onkaparinga and was founded by European settlers in the 19th century. The suburb was named after Lambert Christie and served up until the 1950’s as farmland before it came into the greater Adelaide metropolitan area. The Seaford train line runs through Christie Downs allowing residents of the area to travel to the CBD and down to Seaford.

Christie Downs has just under 2,500 households and we want to provide any clients or potential customers in the area advice or help to anything they need when it comes to any inspections of their home.

Pre-Purchasing Inspection Christie Downs:

Our housing inspectors are highly qualified individuals who are all licensed and well trained to carry out all inspections they are asked to do. We understand that our clients before purchasing a home want to make sure what they are buying doesn’t have any issues or unwanted problems that could cause them to pay for fixes that otherwise they shouldn't have to. We will cover every area of your house with our inspection with both internal and external areas of the home looked at, we will provide inspection on roofing and driveways as well as plumbing and bathroom appliances. Once our inspections are complete, we will give our clients a thorough talk about what we have found, give our advice to them and then allow our clients to make the decision whether they want to continue to buy their new potential home. Christie downs residents can be assured that our inspectors will communicate and give important advice on whether to proceed with buying their pre-purchase home.

Building Inspections Christie Downs:

House Inspect Australia provides its clients with experienced and well trained inspectors that are able to complete a wide range of inspections depending on what clients are asking for. Our inspectors will be able to share industry knowledge with our clients that will give them an insight into what we want to achieve with our inspection and what outcomes can come of it. We provide house inspection for a variety of issues ranging from warranty inspection to pool compliance and timber frame inspections. Our inspections are to provide our clients an overview that can identify problems that need to be resolved and we can then help communicate how we would deal with this. Our Christie Downs residents should know our inspectors are highly qualified and will not miss any issue with home and will help deal with problems we may find.

Pest Inspections Christie Downs:

Pests are a massive issue when it comes to our homes, especially termites and how invisible they can be. Termites can cause major infrastructure damage that can compromise the home, damage panelling and devalue the piece of your home. Our connection with Pests Control Australia can help provide support to investigate any pests or termite behaviour that might be taking place in your home. Pests Control Australia have experience with all pests and are able to give house owners a complete detailed rundown of what they have found and the proper way to go about containing the issue. Christie Downs residents, we are here to help if you have any pests issue or suspect any termite activity and look to do any inspection on your home providing clarity over what we can find.

Stage Inspections Christie Downs:

House builds can be a long process and we want to ensure that our clients have a proper inspection of each stage of the house build, making sure there are no shortcuts that can compromise the project. We want to make sure that all footing, slab, frame, lock-up and fixing stages are completed appropriately and that the contractor is following the building contract that has been created. Our inspectors will make sure that every stage is done properly and that the next stage won’t take place until the current stage gets the approval of the inspector. If any Christie Downs resident is looking for more information, we are more than available to give you guidance on making sure your contractors are following the building contractor and that each stage of your build is done right.