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Blair Athol is a suburb north of Adelaide next to the suburbs of Kilburn and Enfield. The suburb was founded in 1944 and is adjacent to Gepps Cross which was also the historic name of the area. The area is part of the city of Port Adelaide Enfield and has a population of 4,630 people.

This area has a range of different housing with old and new homes. House Inspect Australia is here to help and provide you with inspections of your choosing that can help identify the quality of your home and safety.

Pre-Purchasing Inspection Blair Athol:

Every house buyer wants to buy a house to provide a comfortable lifestyle for them and their family. When you buy a home, you want to make sure that it is structurally safe for you to live in and not provide any unwanted surprises. House Inspect Australia wants to help you with this by offering you our ‘pre-purchasing inspection’ offer, providing you with the service of our highly qualified inspectors to inspect your home for any faults or issues that you should be aware of. Our building inspectors will provide a detailed report on all areas of your home from your roofing, to the condition of your driveway and plumbing. We inspect all internal and exterior areas of your home, not taking any shortcuts as we understand the importance of safety. We want to provide a reliable inspection to our Blair Athol residents, that allows them to have a home that is safe for them to live in and eliminates any dangerous concerns.

Build Inspection Blair Athol:

House Inspect Australia provides well trained and qualified inspectors to carry out inspections on our clients homes depending on what type of inspection they require. We carry out an array of inspections from pre-purchase inspection, construction, renovation and warranty inspections, progress stage inspections, meth inspections/testing, building defects, and pests inspections. Our inspectors will work with you, communicating on what our inspection will seek to find and provide you with a list of findings on what the inspectors have uncovered. It is important for us to constantly communicate with our clients as it provides clarity on what our inspection could potentially uncover and how we can work with you further to fix any issues found. If any of our Blair Athol clients are in need of an inspection of their home, please contact us as we are more than happy to provide you with our service.

Pest Inspection Blair Athol:

Pests can be a real problem that homeowners have to put up with, at House Inspect Australia, we want to provide a service that can help identify any pests activity in your home. Pests can damage important structures, compromising the safety of your home which can also result in the devaluation of your home. We will provide a full visual inspection, both inside and outside of your home, noting any areas we believe pests activity is occurring. We also conduct a termite inspection of your property as most of their activity goes without being noticed by homeowners, which can result in major structure issues. We want to provide our Blair Athol customers, pest inspections that can guarantee the identification of any pests activity in their home that can prevent any further damage or nuisance.

Stage Inspection Blair Athol:

Building a home can be difficult and stressful for new homeowners, at House Inspect Australia, we want to take the stress out of your build by providing independent inspectors to help inspect each important stage of your home build. We inspect each significant stage of your home with inspections on the footing, slab, frame lock-up and fixing stages of your home build as these are crucial to the framework of your home. If not inspected properly, defects can compromise your home. We encourage that you have a defects document that can identify any defects that are found in your build that then must be attended to within 12 months by your building contractor. Blair Athol who are in need of an independent inspector, we are happy to provide you with our service, to help ensure your home build is done right.