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The suburb of Beaumont resides in the east of Adelaide and is home to a population of 2,577 people. Beaumont is part of the city of Burnside and was established by mostly anglo-saxon migrants when the suburb was founded in 1848.


Beaumont has some very old buildings with the Beaumont house one of the oldest buildings which was built back in the 1850’s. With a variety of building designs, House Inspect Australia is keen to make sure that residents in the area have access to house inspectors that can help inspect any issues their home may have.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Beaumont:

Pre-purchasing a home can be a complicated process and the fear of purchasing a home with issues is normal for many. House Inspect Australia wants to provide a thorough inspection of your potential new property, identifying any faults or issues that you should be aware of, analyze the condition of the property and look for any faults both internally and externally of the property. Our Inspectors are highly qualified and well experienced in their inspection of homes and will constantly provide feedback that can help potential homeowners decisions going forward. If possible, our building inspectors will also conduct a meth test that will look for any presence of contamination. Anyone looking to pre-purchase a home in Beaumont and is keen for an inspection prior to their purchase is recommended to contact us to help inspect the property.

Building Inspection Beaumont:

House Inspect Australia has highly skilled and qualified inspectors to help provide a service to our clients on what type of inspection they are needing.  Our Inspectors are able to provide inspections on pre-purchase building inspections, progress stage inspections, constructions/renovations and warranty inspections, meth testing and meth inspections and defects. For us to be able to carry out our inspections perfectly, we will constantly communicate and work with our clients, understanding their issues and what they want inspected. We will provide friendly and experienced inspectors who are widely skilled to carry out any task that is asked of them. If any beaumont residents are in need of an inspection, our inspectors are ready to provide you service.

Pest Inspection Beaumont:

Part of the House Inspect Australia inspection team is our partnership with Pest Inspect Australia which offers visual inspections to our clients for any pests issues they may have. Pests can cause major problems for homeowners and their property which can devalue home prices and cause damage to important structures of the home. We offer a visual inspection that will look at identifying any entry points pests are entering and looking to find any signs of damage that pests have caused. Termites are highly common pests that we find and part of our visual inspection is looking for any termite activity that may be present. Beaumont residents that are having pests issues, we are here to provide a visual inspection that can identify the issues you are having and will look to help you going forward.

Stage Inspection Beaumont:

If you're building a new house, we want to provide you with our inspectors to monitor each crucial stage of your new home build. We provide inspections that will look at the handover inspection/practical completion, footing, slab, frame, lock-up and fixing stages. We look at these stages in particular as they are crucial to the home build due to the fact that any issues could compromise the whole home and result in large expenses to fix which we wouldn;t want our home owners to have. It is up to our clients what stages they want inspected though we strongly recommend that we monitor all the stages listed in order to provide a clean build with no issues. If Beaumont residents are interested in acquiring our services, we will happily send you one of our inspectors to monitor any new home build that is taking place.