Whats worse than a crawling termite? A FLYING one! 

Flying Termites

TERMITES cause billions of dollars in damage each year. This is achieved by their sneaky tactics of hiding away and wreaking havoc from the inside out resulting in them not being found until significant damage has already been done. This is why preventative measures are vital in securing your home from these destructive pests. So…

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5 Warning Signs of Termites

Pest Inspection Adelaide

As we launch into winter it’s a great time to check for termites and avoid any unwanted surprises develop. So to help out we wanted to share 5 ways you can identify termite damage before it’s too late. Don’t let a termites size fool you, if left unchecked these pests could wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your home resulting…

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How To Avoid Dodgy Building Inspectors

The single most important thing to do when selecting a building inspector is to check for a valid builder’s license! You wouldn’t receive legal advice from someone not practicing as a lawyer, so why would you take building advise from someone who isn’t a qualified building inspector?! What To DoThankfully there is an easy way…

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